The International Conference an the Reagan Administration's Foreign Policy convened in Brussels from 28-30 September 1984 under the auspices of the International Progress Organization. Reports were submittel by international jurists, foreign policy specialists and Nobel Laureates an various aspects of the Reagan Administration's foreign policy. They were presented before a Panel of Jurists consisting of the Hon. Farouk Abu-Eissa (Sudan), Attorney, former Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs, Secretary-General of the Arab Lawyers Union; Prof. Francis A. Boyle (USA), Professor of International Law from the University of Illinois, Chairman; Dr. Hans Goeran Franck (Sweden), Attorney, Member of the Swedish Parliament; Hon. Mirza Gholam Hafiz (Bangladesh), Former Speaker of the Bangladesh Parliament and currently a Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court; Hon. Mary M. Kaufman (USA), Attorney-at-Law, prosecuting attorney at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial against L. G. Farben; Dr. Jean-Claude Njem (Cameroon), Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University, and a Consultant of the Government; Prof. Alberto Ruis-Eldredge (Peru), Professor of Law, former President of the National Council of Justice; and Dr. Mümtaz Soysal (Turkey), Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Ankara. An accusation against the international legality of the Reagan Administration's foreign policy was delivered by the Honorable Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney-General, and a defence by Professor Harry Almond of the US National War College, appearing in an unofficial capacity. Based upon all the reports and documents submittel and the arguments by the advocates, the Brussels Panel of Jurists rendered its conclusions concerning the compatibility of the US Administration's foreign policy with the requirements of international law.

Photo gallery: Delegates at the Brussels Conference.

The book with the regional reports and the comprehensive evaluation may be ordered from the I.P.O. head office: THE REAGAN ADMINlSTRATION'S FOREIGN POLICY. Facts and Judgment of the International Tribunal. 470 pages (1985), ISBN 0-86199-020-X, US $25,--.