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Terrorism in a Globalized World -- International Ecumenical Conference in Manila

Lecture by the President of the International Progress Organization


Manila, 27 September 2002/P/RE/17941c-is

The International Ecumenical Conference on "Terrorism in a Globalized World -- Prospects for Peace and Security in Asia" concluded its deliberations yesterday with an appeal upon Christians in general and US Churches in particular to raise their voices against resurging militarism in the framework of the "war on terror." Delegates stated that the war against terrorism must not turn into a global war against people and peace.

The conference was jointly organized by the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, the World Council of Churches and the Christian Conference of Asia. Special sessions were devoted to globalization and militarization; to the expanding front of the U.S. war on terror in Southeast Asia; to cultural homogenization, religious fundamentalism and the manipulation of religious symbols and idioms; and to the nexus between terrorism and globalization. One of the basic aims of the conference was  to contribute to a coherent understanding of terrorism and to undertake an analysis of geopolitical realities and trends in Southeast Asia and Asia as a whole in the context of ongoing globalization.

The President of the International Progress Organization, Prof. Hans Koechler, delivered a speeach on "The War on Terror, its Impact on the Sovereignty of States and its Implications for Human Rights and Civil Liberties." In his lecture, he dealt with the new geo-strategic situation since September 11, 2001; with the impact of the war on terror on the status of citizens on both sides of the new imperial divide; and with the interrelation of national sovereignty and "citizen sovereignty" in the global war on terror.

The lecture of the President of the I.P.O. comes in a series of I.P.O. lectures -- in Asia, Central Asia and Europe -- on international terrorism and its impact on international law on human rights.

Final Declaration of the International Ecumenical Conference 
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