Studies in International Relations



Collected Papers Edited by David Armstrong

Studies in International Relations, Vol. XXXIII

Köchler, Hans

Manak Publications: New Delhi, 2015

Date of appearance: June 2015



Foreword by Fred Dallmayr

Editor's Note

I. Politics and Law

A. Realpolitik vs. Rule of Law

  • Challenges and Contradictions of World Order

  • Global Powers and the Rule of Law

  • The Shifting Balance of Power and the Future of Sovereign States

  • Sovereignty, Law and Democracy versus Power Politics

B. The United Nations Organization

  • The United Nations Organization and International Legitimacy: Reflections on the Role of the Security Council

  • The Ambiguity of Power in International Relations and the Future ofbthe United Nations Organization

  • The Democratization of the United Nations Organization: Ideal vs. Real

C. Law and Justice

  • Depoliticizing International Criminal Justice: Global Justice or Global Revenge

  • World Court without a World State: Criminal Justice under the Dictates of Realpolitik?

  • Terrorism and Human Rights: Reflections on the Global War on Terror

  • The Lockerbie Trial Revisited

  • The Evolution of the Palestine Problem and the Status of Jerusalem: Force of Law or Law of Force?

II. Culture and Identity

A. Meaning and Foundations of Dialogue

  • The Philosophy and Politics of Dialogue

  • The Relation between Man and World: Implications for the Dialogue among Civilizations

  • Transformations of Dialogue

  • Philosophy and the Meaning of Dialogue between Religions

B. Culture in the Global Context

  • Culture and Empire: The Imperial Claim to Cultural Supremacy versus the Dialectics of Cultural Identity

  • Unity in Diversity: The Integrative Approach to Intercultural Relations

  • Eurasia's Contribution to Civilizational Dialogue

  • The Humanities in a Globalized World

III. Society and the Economy

  • The Policy of Violence and its Destructive Impact on Social Cohesion

  • The New Social Media and the Changing Nature of Communication

  • The Meaning and Challenges of Education in the 21st Century

  • Economy and Religion in the Era of Globality


  • The International Progress Organization and the Dialogue among Civilizations and Religions (1972-2012)

  • Memorandum on Security Council resolution 1973 (2011)

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