The Lockerbie Trial -- Documents Related to the I.P.O. Observer Mission

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Editorial note 

 (I) The I.P.O. Lockerbie observer mission


  •  Dr. Hans Koechler’s report of 3 February 2001 on the Verdict passed by the Scottish Court 

  •  Dr. Hans Koechler’s report of 26 March 2002 on the appeal proceedings at the Scottish Court


     (II)  International media coverage and public debate resulting from Dr. Koechler’s Lockerbie reports


     (1) Following Dr. Koechler’s report on the Verdict
  • BBC News: Lockerbie verdict “politically influenced”  

  • Debate on Dr. Koechler’s report in the British Parliament

  • House of Commons, Standing Committee D, 10 April 2001

  • House of Commons, Written Answers to Questions, 1 May 2001 

  • Statement by Dr. Koechler concerning misunderstandings and conflicting interpretations of his report  

  •  (2) Following Dr. Koechler’s report on the appeal proceedings

  • BBC News: UN monitor decries Lockerbie judgement – The proceedings were flawed, says Prof Köchler

  • Relevant statements and debates in the British Parliament

  • Statement by Mr. Tam Dalyell, MP – House of Commons, Adjournment (Easter) Debate, 26 March 2002

  • Debate on the question of jurisdiction in the Lockerbie case – House of Commons, Points of Order, 29 April 2002

  • Debate on international aspects of the Lockerbie case in view of the Scotland Act 1998 – House of Commons, Speaker’s Statement, 1 May 2002

  • (3) Analysis of Dr. Koechler’s reports

  • William Paul (Scotland): “Unfair, incomprehensible, irrational and arbitrary”

  • Alexander Cockburn (USA): Foreign Devil

  • Edward S. Herman (USA): The New World Order: Rule of Injustice


    (III)  The I.P.O. Committee of Legal Experts on UN Sanctions against Libya

  • Memorandum from the President of the International Progress Organization addressed to the President of the Security Council of the United Nations (1992)

  • Geneva Declaration of Legal Experts on UN Sanctions against Libya (1992)

  • New York Declaration of Legal Experts on UN Sanctions against Libya (1994)

  • Statement on behalf of the Committee of Legal Experts on UN Sanctions against Libya (1998) 


       (IV) Appendix

    •  Security Council resolutions on the Lockerbie dispute

    •  Judgment of the International Court of Justice of 27 February 1998 (excerpt)

    • Resolution adopted by the Heads of State and Government of the Organization of African Unity on 10 June 1998

    • Nomination of international observers by the Secretary-General of the United Nations (25 April 2000)

    •  Letter from the UN Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, Mr. Hans Corell,  clarifying the status of Prof. Hans Koechler as international observer at the Lockerbie trial (31 May 2001) (excerpt)

    • News releases of the International Progress Organization 

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