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I.P.O. research papers




The Principles of International Law and Human Rights

The Voting Procedure in the United Nations Security Council

Democracy and the New World Order

The United Nations Sanctions Policy and International Law

The United Nations Sanctions Policy and International Law (Arabic version)

Economic Sanctions and Development

The United Nations and International Democracy: The Quest for UN Reform

Muslim-Christian Ties in Europe: Past, Present and Future

Das Verhältnis zwischen Islam und Christentum in Europa: Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft

Sanctions and Development: Some Hypotheses

The Philosophical Foundations of Civilizational Dialogue

Philosophical Aspects of Globalization

Globalization: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Globalization and the Status of the Territorial State

Globalization and its Challenges to National Cultures and Values: A Perspective from Sub-Saharan Africa

The Use of Force in the New International Order. On the Problematic Nature of the Concept of Humanitarian Intervention

The Palestine Problem in the Framework of International Law. Sovereignty as the Crucial Issue of a Peaceful Settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

The United Nations, the International Rule of Law and Terrorism

The War on Terror, its Impact on the Sovereignty of States, and its Implications for Human Rights and Civil Liberties

The United Nations and International Terrorism: Challenges to Collective Security

The Precarious Nature of International Law in the Absence of a Balance of Power

Information and Communication in a Multipolar World: The Role of the Asian Media

Can the Exercise of Universal Jurisdiction Be Regionalized?

Zur Korruption internationaler Strafjustiz

"Holy" Terror: Christian Fundamentalist Share in U.S. Globalization and War

International Justice and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: The Case of the Philippines

The Shifting Balance of Power and the Future of Sovereign States

The Evolution of the Palestine Problem and the Status of Jerusalem: Force of Law or Law of Force?

The United Nations Organization and International Legitimacy: Reflections on the Role of the Security Council

The Policy of Violence and its Destructive Impact on Social Cohesion

The Middle East in the Emerging Global Order

National Interest between Regionalization and Globalization
Stereotypes and Double Standards: The Role and Responsibility of the Media in a Context of Geopolitical Tension
Democracy in a Multipolar World
Philosophy and Democratic Prejudice


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