(Baghdad, 4-6 May 1982)  PHOTO


COMMUNIQUÉ (abridged)

(...) The International Progress Organization has organized this conference in light of the fact that the movement of the non-aligned countries represents the conscience of the world, strives to reformulate its political, economic and cultural structures in a novel and creative fashion that respects the will and basic rights of individuals, and guarantees the freedom and national sovereignty of peoples as they reconstruct their societies on a more equitable and prosperous basis. (...)

The conference

reaffirmed the importance of the Non-aligned Movement and the role of its historic pioneers in confronting the polarization pressures exercised by the superpowers, the tracing of a new path for international life that strove to ending the Cold War, alleviating international tensions and endeavouring to achieve disarmament (especially nuclear, biological and chemical disarmament); (...)

went on to review the eradication of the political, economic and cultural effects of colonialism and neo-colonialism as well as the struggle against racism and apartheid; (...)

discussed measures that can be taken by the non-aligned countries to establish a New International Economic Order; (...)

focused the attention on the question of the establishment of a New International Information Order which guarantees a balanced and free flow of news between peoples and countries, avoiding any form of monopoly by the present major news and information media in order to serve the cause of international democratization of mass-communications media; (...)

observed that the role of the Non-aligned Movement has significantly grown since the first Conference on Non-aligned States held in Belgrade in 1961; (...)

was keen on introducing, in the forthcoming phase of the life of the non-aligned group, a qualitative development that will enhance its international independence and increase the extent of its conscious commitment to the principles of the Movement, the rejection of any deviation or violation of the essential principles upon which the policy of non-alignment is built such as peaceful co-existence, non-intervention in internal affairs and the right of all peoples to self-determination, rejection of the use of force to resolve regional conflicts, and overcoming underdevelopment, illiteracy and other problems. (...)

The participants expressed the view that the deliberations of this conference shall doubtlessly enrich the work of the Seventh Summit Conference of the Non-aligned Countries. (...)