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Libya – United Nations:

Dr. Hans Koechler, international observer at the Lockerbie trial, calls for independent inquiry of the Lockerbie case

Reykjavik, 23 August 2003/P/RE/18280c-is

In an interview with Deutsche Welle Radio yesterday morning and in a statement issued earlier today, Dr. Hans Koechler has renewed his call for an independent investigation of the Lockerbie case.

Dr. Koechler was appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations as international observer of the Lockerbie trial (2000-2002) and has issued two reports on the trial and appeal proceedings at the Lockerbie court in the Netherlands.

In his statement on the agreement between the United States, the United Kingdom and Libya over the final settlement of the Lockerbie issue (including a compensation payment of USD 2.7 billion to the relatives of the victims of the bombing of Pan Am 103, Libya’s declaration of responsibility for “actions of its officials,” and the lifting of the UN sanctions), Dr. Koechler explained that the search for truth in the Lockerbie case must not be compromised by a political and/or economic deal between the countries involved in the Lockerbie dispute.

The matter will only be resolved when the full truth has been established and those responsible for the crime will have been made accountable. Putting the blame on one lone individual – and assuming “state responsibility” for his actions – is not a credible step of criminal justice. Those persons and organizations that were instrumental in the financing and carrying out of this crime (irrespective of the country – or countries – they belong to) have to be identified and the responsible individuals, irrespective of their position, have to be brought to justice, Dr. Koechler stated.


 Full text of Dr. Hans Koechler’s statement

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