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Lawyers for International Justice

Penang (Malaysia), 1 March 2003/P/RE/18082c-is

From 26 February to 28 February 2003 the President of the International Progress Organization, Prof. Hans Koechler, held consultations with SM Mohamed Idris, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Citizens International, about the establishment of Lawyers for International Justice, a network of legal experts devoted to the  advancement of international law on the basis of equity, justice and human rights.

The consultations were held in Penang/Malaysia, where the headquarters of Citizens International, a newly established public advocacy group, is situated. Prof. Koechler and Mr. Idris further discussed an international initiative aimed at analyzing the causes of the increasing militarization of the globe and at mobilizing the international public towards a greater awareness of the threats resulting from this development to global peace and security. Special emphasis was led on a comprehensive analysis in the context of globalization and international power politics. The project will also analyze the root causes of international terrorism and the connections between terrorism and militarization. Experts and activists from Malaysia, India, Australia and the United Kingdom are involved in the preparatory work.

In the course of his meetings in Penang, the President of the I.P.O. also met with editors of the Third World Network, an independent non-profit international network of organizations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South issues, based in Penang and coordinated by SM Mohamed Idris. Mr. Idris is also the original founder of the Malaysia-based organization JUST (International Movement for a Just World).

The International Progress Organization and Citizens International agreed to cooperate in the fields of international law, peace and human rights. Further consultations are planned for the month of May 2003.

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