International Progress Organization


Adopted by the Participants of the
International Seminar on the Reunification of Korea through Confederation

Vienna, 23 June 1989 

The continuing division of Korea and the threat to peace resulting from this division heightens the apprehension of mankind that wishes to live in a peaceful and stable world.

We are a group of European scholars who have studied the question of the reunification of Korea with the intention of contributing to the realization of the legitimate interest of the Korean people: the unification of Korea. We have explored the reality within and outside the Korean Peninsula as well as the respective points of view of the North and the South concerning reunification, and we have arrived at the conclusion that, at this time, there is no other way leading to reunification than to establish a Confederation.

This proposal is based an the following objectives:

Firstly, reunification through confederation respects the integrity of ideologies, social systems as well as material and cultural resources without precluding future common efforts towards closer integration.

Secondly, the proposal for confederation assumes, justly and fairly, that neither side imposes its will upon the other, since the confederate state system will be based on the principle of equal representation of North and South.

Thirdly, no interference of foreign forces in any part of Korea will be allowed as the interests of the Korean nation shall be thoroughly protected since both, North and South, will enforce their regional autonomy with equal authority and duties under the central governance.

Fourthly, foreign capital invested in Korea will be protected; the Confederate State will not be a threat to any country of the world as the Confederate Government is to pursue a neutral foreign policy.

Fifthly, the proposal of reunification through confederation is based on the three principles agreed between North and South, such as independence, peaceful reunification and comprehensive national unity.

In conclusion, we recognize that the establishment of a confederate system is the best way to achieve the reunification of Korea by peaceful means and at the earliest possible date.

For the realization of reunification through confederation it is imperative to initiate a process of North-South communication and regular contacts with the aim of establishing a Political Consultative Council consisting of high ranking personalities from all walks of public life in the North and in the South.

It is necessary to hold bilateral as well as multilateral talks between representatives of the North and the South within the framework of this Political Consultative Council, and to this effect it is imperative to assure unrestricted mobility for all representatives from both sides.

Recognizing the importance of peaceful reunification through confederation we call upon the governments, parliaments, political parties and concerned organizations worldwide to extend all possible support and co-operation to the founding of a Confederate State on the Korean Peninsula.