International Symposion on the Concept of Monotheism in Islam and Christianity

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan

(Rome, 17-19 November 1981) PHOTO1   PHOTO2   PHOTO3

Members of the Honorary Committee

H.E. Emilio Colombo, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy

His Eminence Franz Cardinal König, Archbishop of Vienna

H. E. Chadli Klibi, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States

 H. E. Habib Shatty, Secretary-General of the Islamic Conference Organization


After positive speeches by representatives and scholars from Muslim and Christian traditions the time has come to formulate practical issues. The I.P.O. feels reinforced in its conviction that concrete aspects of the Christian-Muslim dialogue have to be shaped that come down to immediate co-operation.

The I.P.O. has given thought to the fields of primary interest in the world of today where the desire for dialogue can be translated into practical aims of cooperation. Among them there are three problems which appear to the I.P.O. of immediate and vital interest. The first and foremost is the tragic situation in the Holy Land of Palestine and in Jerusalem where recent political developments can dangerously affect the future of the three great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jerusalem must again be the Holy City of the people of Jerusalem and Palestine, be they Jews, Christians or Muslims, to live in peace and harmony.

The I.P.O. secondly feels that one of the main obstacles to meaningful understanding and cooperation between Islam and Christianity is the continuing existence of false stereotypes in school-textbooks. A concrete program of action needs to be elaborated in order to examine and rectify all school-textbooks from this point so that Christians from a young age can learn from the true culture of Islam and the degree of closeness and identity with Christianity.

Action thirdly needs to be taken in some remaining European countries to acknowledge the sizable Muslim communities as a legal religious entity so that they can enjoy their own religious and cultural freedom without legal obstacles

The I.P.O. hopes that the above concrete objectives will find all echo with all men of good will everywhere.


Upon the invitation of the International Progress Organizations and under the patronage of H.R.H. Crown Prince Hassan of Jordan, Muslim and Christian experts from different countries met in Rome on 17, 18 and 19 November 1981 in a first symposion to discuss the concept of monotheism.

Each participant put his point of view about the themes of the conference. Fruitful discussions followed in mutual respect and understanding on the basis of a common belief in the one God.

It appeared to the participants that new thinking is called for of both Muslims and Christians to enable their communities to become more fully conscious that they both worship the same God. Recent attempts in this direction were welcomed.

The participants felt the desirability of further dialogue between these two great monotheistic faiths on the concrete level to contribute to the solution of some of the thorny issues which face humanity, and which threaten peace and harmony between peoples and prevent a greater blossoming of faith and belief.