Professor Wilhelm Vossenkuhl (University of Munich, Germany) presiding over the International Roundtable Meeting "Islam and the West - The Conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina and its Implications for a New World Order". To his left: Prof. Zvonimir Šeparović (University of Zagreb), former Foreign Minister of Croatia. To his right: Prof. S. S. Mohapatra, Secretary-General of the Foreign Affairs Club of India (New Delhi), former Secretary-General of the Congress Party (Vienna, 25 November 1993).  Additional speakers at the roundtable were Professor Türkkaya Ataöv (University of Ankara, Turkey), Mr. Mohammed Bagher Ansari (Director of the Islamic Centre Hamburg, Germany), Professor Mohammed Arif (Secretary-General of the British Afro-Asian Solidarity Organization, London), and a representative of Professor Muhaned Filipović (University of Sarajevo) who was prevented from attending because of the siege of Sarajevo and because of the lack of United Nations permission.