Vienna, 7 May 1998/P/K/15941c-is 

Iraq Sanctions Challenge Delegation Departs with 4 Tons of Medical Aid

100-person delegation leaves JFK for Amman, Jordan with 4 tons of medical aid on route to Iraq

Ramsey Clark and Bishop Thomas Gumbleton are leading a 100-person delegation to Iraq May 6-13. The Iraq Sanctions Challenge is taking medical aid in defiance of the U. S.-led United Nations sanctions on Iraq. Taking part in the challenge are religious leaders, medical professionals, trade unionists, students and anti-war activists. More than 1.5 million people, mostly children and the elderly, have died since 1990 as a result of sanctions.

On Wednesday, May 6, delegates and supporters traveled by bus to JFK airport with medicine for their departure. All 100 delegates successfully boarded a flight to Amman, Jordan on route to Iraq. The delegation is taking close to four tons of medical aid with them. This is the largest delegation and largest amount of medival aid to be sent to Iraq.

The delegation will arrive in Amman today where they will hold a news conference at 5:30pm CET (6:30pm Jordan time).

Members of the delegation include former U. S. Attomey General Ramsey Clark, Rev. Lucius Walker, Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wildemess, Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Christoph Amold of the Bruderhof, Gloria La Riva of the Intemational Action Center, and others.

For more information, call the Iraq Sanctions Challenge at 001-212-633-6646.