International Meeting of Experts on
The Exchange of Prisoners of War between Iran and Iraq

(Geneva, 29-30 May 1989)


An International Meeting of Experts was held in Geneva (29-30 May 1989) on the Exchange of Prisoners of War Between Iran and Iraq. The meeting was attended by prominent experts of international law and by observers from the International Committee of the Red Cross and other organizations. The Presidents of Austria, Dr. Kurt Waldheim, and of Venezuela, Carlos Andres Pérez, sent special messages. An Appeal for the release of all prisoners of war was unanimously adopted and submitted to the Heads of State of Iran and Iraq as well as to the Secretary-General of the United Nations. An International Follow-up Committee was formed, consisting of the President of the I.P.O., Prof. Dr. Hans Koechler, the former Head of State of Sudan, Field Marshal Abdul Rahman Sowar el-Dahab, and Prof. Dr. Tuerkkaya Ataoev, Director of the Department of International Relations at the University of Ankara/Turkey. This Committee sent a delegation to brief President Kurt Waldheim of Austria on the programme of action adopted by the Geneva meeting (19 June 1989).

Earlier this year the President of the I.P.O. met with Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in Baghdad (5 March 1989) and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Tareq Aziz. The President of Iraq presented a new proposal for the immediate exchange of all prisoners of war between Iran and Iraq, which was reported in detail in the international media. The President of the I.P.O. also held consultations with the Head of the Permanent Mission of Iran to the United Nations (Geneva), Ambassador Sirous Nasseri (29 May 1989). In connection with the efforts of the International Committee for Peace in the Gulf the President of the I.P.O. met with a group of Iranian prisoners of war at Al-Ramadi camp (Iraq) on 8 March 1989. He also received a delegation of the families of Iraqi prisoners of war in Vienna on 5 October 1989.

  Meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuellar
  Working session of the meeting of experts in Geneva