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I.P.O. Occasional Papers Series




No. 1U.S.-European Relations After the End of the East-West-Conflict: Implications for Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation. Vienna, 1997.

No. 2: The Palestinian People's Right of Self-determination: Basis of Peace in the Middle East. Vienna, 1998.

No. 3: Philosophical Foundations of Civilizational Dialogue. The Hermeneutics of Cultural Self-comprehension versus the Paradigm of Civilizational Conflict. Vienna, 1998.

No. 4: The Use of Force in the New International Order. On the Problematic Nature of the Concept of Humanitarian Intervention. Vienna, 2000.

No. 5: The Dialogue of Civilizations: Philosophical Basis, Political Dimensions and the Relevance of International Sporting Events. Vienna, 2002.

No. 6: The United Nations' Failure to Enforce International Law in Palestine and the Need of Effective Mechanisms of International Criminal Law: The Case of Jenin. Vienna, 2003.

No. 7: Las Naciones Unidas, el imperio internacional del derecho y el terrorismo. Conferencia centenaria. Suprema Corte de Filipinas. Manila, 12 de Marzo del 2002. Vienna, 2003.

No. 8: The Dialectic of Power and Law. The United Nations and the Future of World Order. Vienna, 2004.


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