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I.P.O. President honoured in the Philippines

Manila/Vienna, 18 October 2003/P/RE/18344c-is

At a meeting coinciding with the 55th birthday of the President of the International Progress Organization, Professor Hans Koechler, the H. Koechler Political and Philosophical Society has been established today in Manila. This initiative of respected scholars in the Philippines is being coordinated by Dr. Fatemah Remedios Balbin, President of the Foundation for Social Justice and former Commissioner of the National Amnesty Commission of the Philippines.

According to the founding document adopted by the members, the Society is committed to studying and critically analyzing the mechanisms of international politics, with a view of developing alternatives to the present global system. In a joint declaration, the founders state that they share the vision of Dr. Koechler of a truly just and lasting world order and that they all see the need for continuing analysis of the philosophical foundations of such a global order in a volatile world.

The members of the Society intend to hold regular research meetings and debates on issues of international organization, United Nations reform, conflict resolution, and other topics related to Hans Koechler's research.

  • Founding declaration of the Hans Koechler Society

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