International Conference

I S R A E L  A S   O C C U P Y I N G   P O W E R

Vienna, 2 - 3 May 1984


Since the IPO's major meeting on Palestine in 1980, the Conference has become deeply disturbed by developments in the Middle East. Israel has been an occupying power since its formation when it took over a land with people. Israel has launched a brutal invasion of Lebanon. In its occupation Israel has persistently ignored United Nations Resolutions and violated International Law. These events have impelled us to scrutinize anew the character of the Zionist State and Israel's conduct as an occupying power.

Israel has increasingly terrorized the Palestinian people subject to its control and has systematically undermined its fundamental rights. The Conference recalls United Nations Resolution 181 of 1947 which made possible the creation of a Jewish state and provided guarantees safeguarding the fundamental rights of the Arab population of Palestine. That resolution called for the right of self-determination and the establishment in Palestine of an Arab Palestinian state.

The Conference further recalls United Nations Resolution 194 of 1948, and others which affirm the right of all Palestinians to return to their homes and properties from which they were displaced.

The Conference demands the withdrawal of Israel from all territories occupied in 1967 and subsequently. It totally rejects the claim that it is too late for an Israeli withdrawal from the occupied lands.

The Conference resolves, in conformity with all United Nations resolutions, that the Holy City of Jerusalem must enjoy a special status. The Conference supports the unanimously adopted United Nations Security Council resolutions 465 and 478 considering Israeli actions with respect to Jerusalem null and void.

In addition to the full withdrawal from Lebanon the Conference calls for the end of the Israeli blockade of South Lebanon and of the harassment of the civilian population. Further, there should be an adequate United Nations force, as called for in previous Security Council resolutions.

The Conference finds that the Israeli aggression against Lebanon constitutes a gross violation of International Law. Israel has deliberately and indiscriminately bombarded civilian targets including schools, hospitals, and other non-military objects. It has systematically bombarded and otherwise caused the destruction of cities, towns, villages and Palestinian refugee camps.

Its uses of weaponry constitute flagrant violations of International Law. The Israeli government has further deliberately and indiscriminately subjected Palestinian, Lebanese, and prisoners of other nationalities to inhuman and degrading treatment.

The Conference recognizes that Israel's aim is to destroy the identity as well as the aspirations of the Palestinian people and to partition Lebanon. This process culminated in the total disregard for human life during the invasion of Lebanon and the genocidal massacre at Sabra and Shatila which must never be forgotten.

This repression continues in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, the Syrian Golan Heights and Lebanon.

The Conference finds that Israel has an international legal obligation to pay full reparations to Lebanon for all damage done during the invasion as well as compensation to the victims and their survivors. Israel is further liable for full indemnity for damage to property and for services provided during the war, to the International  Committee of the Red Cross, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, United Nations agencies as well as to other voluntary agencies. The Conference finds that the government of the United States has a responsibility to share in this compensation on the basis of its deep complicity in Israeli actions.

The Conference calls for the creation of an International Tribunal on all crimes in connection with the occupation, the invasion of Lebanon, the Sabra and Shatila massacre and other massacres.

The Conference condemns United States involvement in the invasion of Lebanon and the subsequent tragedy of Sabra and Shatila. It condemns the continued flow of American dollars and arms to Israel.

The Conference deplores the escalating arms race, and the continuing and worsening occupation which heightens the danger of a nuclear holocaust.

The Conference calls for the curtailment of all forms of aid to Israel, as such aid only encourages Israeli military adventurism, until it ceases to violate all norms of international behavior.

The Conference fully supports the continuing just struggle of the Palestinian people under the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization to attain the exercise of its inalienable rights.

The Conference condemns the insidious propaganda that represents this struggle as a continuation of Hitler's war against the Jews. Zionism is not Judaism, and Judaism is not Zionism. To be anti-Zionist is in no way to be anti-Semitic.

The Conference expresses its grave concern over the discriminatory practices of the government of Israel against Israeli citizens.

The Conference expresses its deep appreciation of and support for the Palestinians, who after almost four decades of ethnocide, believe in and work for the termination of this unendurable situation. The same appreciation and support are given to Israeli peace forces who have been striving to achieve a just peace with the Palestinians, in accordance with universal values of humanity.

The Conference affirms its full support for an International Peace Conference with the participation of all parties to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including Israel, the Palestine Liberation organization as well as the USSR and the United States.