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Renowned expert on UN reform set to visit Manila


Manila, 2 June 2004/P/RE/18731c-is (news release by the Foundation for Social Justice)

The Foundation for Social Justice (1988)  has announced the scheduled arrival of  Prof. Dr. Hans Koechler this mid-June, 2004, for a series of speaking engagements  and meetings with national and   university officials,  and with  church groups in Metro Manila. Dr. Koechler, the president of the International Progress Organization and head of the Department of Philosophy,  University of Innsbruck, was appointed by the Secretary General of the United Nations as international observer at the Lockerbie trial in Camp Zeist, The Netherlands, on the ill-fated Pan Am Flight 103,  where a Libyan was declared responsible for the explosion of the aircraft while in flight in 1988.  He is the author of the recently released "Global Justice or Global Revenge? International Criminal Justice at the Crossroads," and was the 14th Centenary Lecturer at the Supreme Court of the Philippines in 2002.

In this latest work, Dr.
Koechler focuses on the concept of universal jurisdiction, the modern doctrine of humanitarian intervention, and the challenges faced by legal theory in addressing issues of international terrorism. He has expressed continuing concern over the double standards in the current practice of "humanitarian politics" and on  the pervasive role of power politics in international relations.

He has been specially invited by the Polytechnic
University of the Philippines which celebrates its 100th Foundation Anniversary this year, and as  guest speaker,  by the PUP College of Law, whose  anniversary theme is "Quo Vadis, United Nations?"

At the University of the  Philippines, the Asian Center together with
its Alumni Association, will  sponsor the start of the Asian leg of the book launching of "Global Justice or Global Revenge?" A number of jurists led by Hon. Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Hon. Ameurfina Herrera, head of the Philippine Judicial Academy, Hon. Artemio Panganiban,  and members of the diplomatic corps, government and academic officials, are set to attend the activity. Justice Romeo Capulong, author-lawyer Soliman Santos, broadcaster Atty. Waldy Carbonell, and former Executive Director of the National Amnesty Commission, lawyer Neri Colmenares,  Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Gerry Salapuddin of Basilan Province, among several other government officials, will share their views.

The members of the H. Koechler Political and Philosophical Society,
composed of  Philippine scholars and academics who share the views of Dr. Koechler on UN reform and are committed to promote the attainment of this objective, will be present at the series of discussions.

Renowned expert on UN reform to visit Manila/18731c-is