Vienna,  7 January 1987


The I.P.O. is now publishing vol. 12 of the series "Studies in International Relations" with the title: Democracy in International Relations (ISBN 3-900704-01-5).

The book The Crisis of Representative Democracy will be published as monograph later this year. It will contain the research papers presented at the symposion in Geneva.


In conformity with the resolution of the Executive Board the I.P.O. will organize an international scientific conference on the question of terrorism which will be held in Europe during 1986. Approximately 50 experts from all regions of the world will be invited to present their views on terrorism in its legal, political, human rights and social aspects. A clear definition of the term "terrorism" in regard to actions of states and individuals and in distinction from acts of legitimate resistance is hoped for.

The results of the conference shall be submitted to the United Nations.


In cooperation with other non-governmental organizations the I.P.O. has organized the International Conference to Stop the Iran-Iraq War (Geneva, 14-16 April 1986). The meeting was attended by NGO-delegations from both parties to the conflict and by representatives of approximately 100 organizations. An appeal for an immediate ceasefire was launched and a permanent committee was set up to continue the efforts vis-Ó-vis international public opinion.

The I.P.O. has launched on 26 June 1986 an appeal for the peaceful reunification of Korea on the basis of the principle of self-determination of nations, and has set up a Committee for Peace on the Korean Peninsula. -The President of the I.P.O. has also sent a special message to the International Olympic Committee, urging the I.O.C. to keep the next Olympic Games out of political controversies over the division of Korea, and to carefully study the proposal for the co-hosting of the games by South and North Korea.

The I.P.O . has also set up a special committee monitoring U S policies vis-Ó-vis the Arab world, especially in regard to the armed attack against Libya.

In cooperation with other peace organizations the I.P.O. will monitor the forthcoming session of the European Security Conference in Vienna.


The I.P.O. published a report on "The Violation of Human Rights: The Case of Namibia" and presented it to the International Conference for the Immediate Independence of Namibia (Vienna, 7-11 July 1986). - In a declaration issued on 10 July, the I.P.O. called for the immediate and unconditional implementation of Security Council resolution 435 (1978) in its entirety and demanded mandatory sanctions against the racist regime of South Africa under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter.


In order to intensify the I.P.O.'s representation at U.N. meetings, the Executive Board has appointed as from 01 August 1986 Mr. Joseph Chenthadiyil as alternate representative to the United Nations office in Vienna.


The President of the I.P.O. has met with Austrian President Dr. Kurt Waldheim in Vienna. He was accompanied by I.P.O.-Board Member Professor Dr. Hans R. Klecatsky (former Minister of Justice of Austria). The I.P.O. delegation has assured the Austrian President of the I.P.O.'s solidarity in rejecting the vicious attacks by American and Zionist pressure groups against the Austrian Head of State and against the Austrian people in general. The I.P.O. considers the slanderous campaign launched by these circles as a flagrant interference into the internal affairs of Austria and appeals to all people who are committed to the basic principles of human rights to expose their strategy of disinformation.

The President of the I.P.O. has discussed forthcoming projects with Under-Secretaries General of the United Nations, Mr. Abdulrahim A. Farah (in charge of special political questions) and Mr. Goulding (in charge of U.N. peacekeeping operations), and with the Head of the Legal Office of the United Nations, Mr. Carl-August Fleischhauer, during his recent visit to the U.N.


The I.P.O. is now publishing the monograph Ethical Relativism Versus Human Rights (by Dr. M. O. Maduagwu, Nigeria).


At its last session in Dublin on 6 December 1986 the Executive Board has admitted new members from Austria, Bangladesh, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, France, Germany (Federal Republic), Mauritius, Nigeria, and the United Kingdom.


The Executive Board has decided to increase the annual membership subscription to US $50,-- (US $10,-- for students). There has been no increase of the annual fee since 1976. Currency fluctuations have now made this adjustment necessary.


As already announced in the previous newsletter, the I.P.O. will organize an International Conference on the Question of Terrorism (Geneva, 19-21 March 1987). Sub-topics of the conference will be (a) History and Types of Terrorism,(b) State Terrorism and Liberation Movements (factual reports), (c) The Media and the Western Conception of Terrorism, (d) The Question of Terrorism within the Framework of International Law. A special Drafting Committee will prepare a declaration which will contain a new and more precise definition of terrorism on the basis of the principles of international law and peoples┤ rights.
The preparatory committee has already held meetings in Vienna (5 Sept. 1986) and in Dublin (5 Dec. 1986) where consultations were made with Nobel Laureate SeÓn MacBride. The President of the I.P.O. has further discussed the projects with representatives of the United Nations and international non-governmental organizations.

Research was carried out by the President of the I.P.O. on Democracy and Foreign Policy. The results were presented and discussed at a special meeting in Vienna on 23 October 1986. (The text of the paper has been published in German language under the title "Demokratie und Au▀enpolitik" and is available upon request.)


The I.P.O. participated in the international dialogue on "The Mediterranean and World Peace" (Athens, 30 January - 1 February 1986) and in the international symposion on "Peace in the Mediterranean" (La Valletta/Malta, 5-6 July 1986) where the drafting committee was under the chairmanship of the I.P.O.

The I.P.O. also participated in the General Conference of the World Peace Council (Sofia, 24-27 April 1986) where the President spoke in the Special Session in Memory of the late Olaf Palme.

The I.P.O. has participated in the International Peace Conference which was held in Copenhagen (15-19 October 1986).

The I.P.O. has also participated in the Second Meeting of the Follow-up Committee of the International Conference on the Iran-Iraq War (London, 24 November 1986).

The I.P.O. has furthermore taken part in the meeting of the International Liaison Forum of Peace Forces (Vienna, 29-30 November 1986) which is preparing the next Vienna Dialogue (March 1987).


On the basis of a decision by the Executive Board, the I.P.O. has set up the International Committee for Peace in the Gulf. The I.P.O. considers the Committee as a follow-up activity to the International NGO-conference to Stop the Iran-Iraq War which was held in Geneva in April 1986. Mr. SeÓn MacBride, S.C. (Ireland) and I.P.O.-Board Member Ramsey Clark (former Attorney-General of the United States) have already joined the committee. The I.P.O. is inviting personalities of public life from all continents to co-operate with the committee.


The Executive Board has declared its support to the appeal drafted by Mr. Seßn MacBride S.C. on the illegality of nuclear arms. The I.P.O. is inviting all lawyers among its members to sign the appeal which will be sent out upon request.