The Concept of Humanitarian Intervention in the Context of Modern Power Politics

Is the Revival of the Doctrine of "Just War" Compatible with the International Rule of Law?

Hans Köchler



Studies in International Relations, XXVI

Vienna 2001, ISBN 3-900704-20-1

Research paper first presented at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations in Beijing (22 December 2000). An outline of the research was presented at the international conference on "Interventionism against International Law: From Iraq to Yugoslavia," held in Madrid (20 November 1999).

Editorial advisor: Jason Subler.


  1. The concept of humanitarian intervention and its historical background

  2. The development of international law and the prohibition of the use of force in the 20th century

  3. The revival of interventionism in the new imperial order of the 21st century

  4. The doctrine of humanitarian intervention and the de facto reintroduction of the jus ad bellum

  5. Conclusion: The renaissance of power politics in humanitarian clothes – the end of international law?

Appendix: Austria – European Union: The problematic nature of "humanitarian politics


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