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June 1971

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 May 1972

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June 1972

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September 1973

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June 1974

April 1975

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July 1975

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August 1975

European Forum Alpbach 1976
August 1976

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Febuary 1977

September 1977

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October 1979

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August 1980

International Conference on Palestine, reception, Vienna 1980
November 1980

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November 1981

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August 1982

June 1983

Panmunjom - ceasefire demaraction line
September 1983

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November 1983

 Hans Köchler and Leila Shahid, Vienna, Hotel Imperial, 6 December 1983
December 1983

September 1984

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June 1985

April 1986

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January 1987

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March 1987

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March 1987
 Field Marshal Al-Dahab (Sudan), center, with President Kurt Waldheim of Austria (right)
June 1989
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March 1992
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November 1992
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July 1995
Second Green Dialogue for an Alternative World Order -- Tripoli, November 1995
November 1995
Khartoum, Sudan, January 1996
January 1996
With Professor Milan Sahovic at international conference on terrorism in New Delhi (July 1996)
July 1996

kazakhstan.jpg (38428 bytes)
June 1998

November 2000

With functionaries of Korean Human Rights Center

  June 2001

Luncheon given by the Supreme Court of the Philippines in honour of Prof. Koechler
March 2002
Worldcup Roundtable in Seoul, June 2002

June 2002

 At the Zayed Center for Coordination & Follow-up, Abu Dhabi
July 2002 

International Conference on Terrorism, Manila, September 2002
September 2002 

Nordic Youth Conference, Stavanger, Norway, August 2003
August 2003
Book launching "Global Justice or Global Revenge?" -- Innsbruck, 18 November 2003
November 2003
Professor Hans Koechler with Commissioner Fatemah R. Balbin (Philippines) at Innsbruck University (Austria), 18 November 2003
November 2003
Islamic Educational and Cultural Center, Vienna, 7 May 2004
May 2004
Hans Koechler, left, with Dr. Tuerkkaya Ataoev, June 2004
June 2004
With Vice-President Guingona, Manila, June 2004
June 2004

June 2004

June 2004

September 2004

ASEF "Talks on the Hill" -- Singapore, 17-19 October 2004
October 2004

June 2005

August 2005


ESCI, Innsbruck, 11 September 2005

September 2005

H.E. Mr. Prithviraj Chavan, M.P., Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, displaying a copy of the Indian edition of Hans Koechler's book "Global Justice or Global Revenge?" to the delegates of the International Conference on "The Emerging Trends in International Criminal Jurisprudence" organized by the Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) in New Delhi, 11 December 2005. With him at the podium at Krishna Menon Bhawan in New Delhi: Shri Ram Niwas Mirdha, President of ISIL, center, and Dr Hans Koechler, President of the I.P.O.
December 2005
Prof. Dr. Türkkaya Ataöv receiving the Golden Honorary Medal of the I.P.O. from Prof. Dr. Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization
February 2006


Dr. Fatemah Remedios C. Balbin, center, recipient of the Golden Honorary Medal of the I.P.O. -- Roanoke, Va., USA, 17 December 2006
December 2006
Prof. Hans Köchler, left, exchanging gifts with the Vice-President (International) of the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), Mr. Azril Mohamed Amin, after a briefing session at the ABIM headquarters in Gombak, Malaysia (18 January 2007)
January 2007

Prof. Hans Köchler, President of the I.P.O., center, at the reception of the Foreign Minister of Georgia in honour of the participants of the International Forum. At his left: Dr. Ahmed Jalal Al Tadmori, Advisor to H.H. the Emir of Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

May 2007

Dr. Hans Koechler, President of the I.P.O., left, with Mr. Bertrand Fort, Deputy Director-General of ASEF, in front of Hans Koechler's testimonial, displayed on the wall of ASEF headquarters on the occasion of the foundation's 10th anniversary, Singapore, 22 June 2007
June 2007
Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC), "Youth for the Alliance of Civilizations Initiative," meeting of the International Advisory Board, Lefkosa, Cyprus, 20 August 2007

August 2007

December 2007

Vladimir Yakunin, President of the World Public Forum "Dialogue of Civilizations," with Hans Koechler, President of the I.P.O.
June 2008

July 2008

Hans Koechler (left) and Sir Menzies Campbell, Law Awards of Scotland 2008, Glasgow, Hilton Hotel, 18 September 2008

September 2008

Dr. Hans Koechler, President of the International Progress Organization, at the speaker's desk, delivering the lecture on "The 'New International Economic Order' Revisited: Philosophical Considerations on the Collapse of Neoliberal Globalization."  Rüsselsheim, Germany, 21 February 2009
February 2009
Dr. Hans Koechler, President of the International Progress Organization, answering questions from the Ukrainian media prior to the opening session at Odessa's National Law Academy, 18 September 2009
September 2009
Dr. Hans Koechler, President of the I.P.O., addressing the members of the Continuation Committee of PEACE FOR LIFE, Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY, USA, 25 April 2010
April 2010
Dr. Hans Koechler, President of the International Progress Organization (left), in a consultation meeting with Mrs. Yumiko Kaneko, Director-General of the Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education (right), at the Center's seminar house in Tokyo. Center: Mrs. Yasuko Ubukata, Director.
June 2010

July 2010
Nomura Center for Lifelong Integrated Education -- 10th Commemorative International Forum -- UNESCO headquarters, Paris, 9 November 2010
November 2010
Archbishop Filuksinos Saliba Özmen, Metropolitan of Mardin and Diyarbakir, receiving Dr. Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization, at Deyrulzafaran Monastery in Mardin, 9 May 2011
May 2011

March 2012
Hans Koechler speaking on "The ICC and the Security Council" at the Royal Commonwealth Society, London, 18 May 2012
May 2012
Hans Köchler speaking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, 11 August 2012
August 2012

November 2012

May 2013

September 2013

October 2013

June 2014

July 2014

November 2014

July 2015

October 2015

December 2015

December 2015

September 2017

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