Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation

Vienna, 20 October 1997/P/K/15685

The President of the International Progress Organization, Professor Hans Koechler, today presented a research paper prepared on behalf of the I.P.O. on "U.S.-European Relations After the End of the East-West Conflict: Implications for Euro-Mediterranean Co-operation." The paper contains the following chapters: (I) The strategic situation during and after the Cold War, (II) The consequences for European policies in the Mediterranean, (III) Future prospects of North-South relations in regard to Europe's Mediterranean policies, (IV) Conclusion: Principles of Euro-Mediterranean co-operation. The paper contains a comprehensive analysis of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership projects launched by NATO, the European Union and other intergovernmental agencies and organizations.

To obtain a copy of the paper send e-mail to the office of the I.P.O.