I.P.O. Information Service

Global Appeal for "No more violence!"

Ottawa / Vienna, 15 September 2001

In an effort to help mobilize global support for nonviolence, to try to stop the cycle of violence and to avert war, a global appeal for peace is being circulated to thousands of organizations and activists all over the world:

"Deeply saddened by the suffering and deaths of thousands in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, we, people of many different backgrounds from around the world, join with millions of others to denounce these latest acts of terror against innocent civilians. We believe that military retaliation in response to this mass murder will only accelerate the cycle of fear, anger and violence. We urge our political and religious leaders to heed our appeal for nonviolence. We will not be swayed by calls to support further violence. We will respond to cries for revenge with caring, calm and reason. Violent retaliation and war will only lead to greater losses of life. This, in turn, will only serve to breed more anger, hatred and terror. Instead, we support the rule of international law. The perpetrators of these crimes, and all other crimes against humanity, crimes against peace and war crimes, should be brought to justice. No individual, group or government should have immunity from international law. As we mourn for those whose lives were lost on September 11, 2001, we also mourn for all those around the world dying from the violence inflicted by terrorism, war or the lack of food, medicine, water and housing.

Standing firmly together, we will embrace nonviolence to stop the cycle of violence from spiraling even further out of control. We join in solidarity with others around the world to build our common security through disarmament, dialogue and social justice -- not through violent attacks and military might. We pledge ourselves to support nonviolence as the way towards a peace with justice."

The Appeal was initiated by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT), a national peace network supported by individuals and organizations across Canada. The International Progress Organization has endorsed the appeal.