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President of International Progress Organization again honoured for his civil society initiatives

Manila / Vienna, 22 October 2014

In an official communication addressed to Prof. Hans Köchler, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Gusi Peace Prize International, Amb. Barry Gusi, announced that Professor Hans Köchler, President of the International Progress Organization, will be awarded the Gusi Peace Prize for 2014. According to the Chairman, Prof. Köchler receives the prize in recognition of his contributions, as philosopher of law, to the peaceful solution of international conflicts. The awarding letter also emphasizes Köchler’s activities as Founder and President of the International Progress Organization, his contributions to the dialogue of civilizations and the impact of his ideas on the global debate on international democracy and United Nations reform. The letter concludes: “All your significant accomplishments and achievements have made you a living paradigm for others to emulate, not only in Austria, but throughout Europe, Asia and the international community.”

Gusi Peace Prize International is Asia’s foremost awarding body in the field of peace, justice and human rights. The Prize is named after Capt. Gemeniano Javier Gusi, a World War II guerrilla leader-turned-politician who became popular as a human rights advocate.

Every year since 2002, the Gusi Peace Prize has recognized individuals and organizations that have contributed to global peace and justice in a variety of fields such as scientific research, statesmanship, performing arts, philanthropy, journalism, and sports. Among the previous laureates are personalities such as the late Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn (USA), the former Prime Minister of Sudan, Sadiq Al-Mahdi, and Prof. Raoul Weiler (Belgium), President of the EU Chapter of the Club of Rome. Together with statesmen, philanthropists and human rights activists from all continents, Prof. Hans Köchler will receive this year's prize at a solemn ceremony in Manila, the capital of the Philippines. In conformity with Proclamation No. 1476 (2008) of the President of the Philippines, declaring every fourth Wednesday of November as “Gusi Peace Prize International Friendship Day,” the ceremony will take place on 26 November 2014.

Prof. Hans Köchler is also the recipient of the Honorary Medal of the International Peace Bureau IPB (Geneva). Together with Greek actress, singer and politician, the late Melina Mercouri; Ramsey Clark, former Attorney-General of the United States; and Lisbet Palme, widow of Olof Palme, Prime Minister of Sweden, he was honoured in February 1992 at a ceremony in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the IPB  in Athens, Greece. In February 1990, Gyani Zail Singh, former President of India, conferred upon Prof. Köchler the award “Apostle of International Understanding” of Unity International Foundation at a special event in New Delhi.


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