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First International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

Tehran / Vienna, 29 December 2012

The First International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion was held in Tehran, Iran, from 23 to 24 December 2012. Professor Hans Koechler from the University of Innsbruck (Austria), Co-chairman of the International Academy of Philosophy and President of the International Progress Organization, delivered the keynote address on "Unity in Diversity: Philosophy and the Meaning of Dialogue between Religions."

The conference was jointly organized by the Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion and the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies under the direction of Prof. Hamidreza Ayatollahy.

Following the conference, Prof. Koechler visited the city of Qom and held meetings with Faculty members at the University of Qom, the Vice-Rector and Head of the International Affairs Department of the University of Religions and Denominations, and the Director of the International Institute for Islamic Studies. On 25 December, Prof. Koechler met with the Archbishop of the Chaldean Archdiocese of Tehran, His Excellency Ramzi Garmou.


  • Opening session, Tehran, 23 December 2012  

  • Keynote lecture

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